March 1

Q Contemporary is delighted to be featured on Artbasel’s Chinese platforms, telling the story of our founder Queenie Rosita Law’s journey of collecting Central & Eastern European contemporary art, the beginning of Q Contemporary and our collaborative showcase with K11 Art Foundation.⁠⁠

Press Release

January 17

Q Contemporary and K11 Art Foundation co-present ‘Tracing the Fragments’, the first ever comprehensive presentation of Central Eastern European Art in Hong Kong.


December 17

Q Contemporary is delighted to announce the launch of its brand new website. Our new website serves as the perfect platform to share our passion and expertise about the artistic talents of the region while making it possible to learn about artists you might have never heard of before.


November 30

Q Contemporary takes part in the “Museum 2050 – Dispatch” series! The “Museum 2050” initiative bringings people together through its community’s shared passion for museums and institutional development.


November 28

At the end of November, our founder, Queenie Rosita Law was invited to participate in Christie’s Education’s Global Virtual Conference. Ms Law was part of the panel discussion “From West to East: Western Art in China”.


June 1

Q Contemporary is excited to announce its collaboration with world-renowned gallery Hauser & Wirth! Throughout a series of talks and workshops, Q Contemporary’s Artistic Director, Eszter Csillag brings attention to the artistic talents of the Central & Eastern European region, in conversation with Hauser & Wirth’s Hong Kong Director, Ying Yue Li.


October 1

For the occasion of its first London exhibition, Q Contemporary cordially invites you to a panel discussion about the emerging art markets of Central & Eastern Europe. The panel discussion explores and introduces the rapidly evolving art scene of the CEE region, inviting to its roundtable international art specialists and collectors.

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April 22

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