Q Contemporary is a global art space for Central & Eastern European contemporary art

Opening in 2020


 Q Contemporary seeks to unveil and promote the best of Central and Eastern European (CEE) contemporary art. We constantly look to identify and nurture artistic talents, both established and emerging, using a variety of channels to present their works to a global audience. As a cultural venture, Q Contemporary is committed to supporting education and ongoing dialogue throughout the creative community in the continued development of art networks across the globe.


About Q Contemporary

Q Contemporary was inspired by a rising generation of artistic talents responding to tremendous socio-economic change in the post-communist landscape of CEE.

Today, our collection consists of CEE works with a focus on artists who have been active from the second half of the 20th century to present day. Q Contemporary celebrates these visionaries – whose works we not only love, but are dedicated to promote – through our growing ambitions as a global art space, art consultancy and ambassador for CEE contemporary art.

 Q Contemporary is a pioneer in the world of CEE art, and the first to group the region’s works into a distinctive collection. Our flourishing and unique gallery forms the foundational cornerstone of Q Contemporary’s identity and activities. From exhibitions and jointly held shows with other museums and galleries, to collaboration with artists and our dedication to education and research, Q Contemporary is committed to unveiling CEE art to the rest of the world.

International in reach and outlook, Q Contemporary’s main presence is in an elegant four-storey 19th-century villa in the heart of Budapest. Together with our future pop-ups and sites in London and Hong Kong, we offer a dynamic global art space for selected CEE artists to display their work, amplify their international exposure, and elevate their careers.

Q Contemporary Collection

Our collection consists of a burgeoning body of work that focuses on CEE artists who have been active from the second half of the 20th century to present day, charting its evolution across multiple generations and regions.

The diversity and richness of CEE art is both fascinating and inspiring. Spanning a region from the Balkans to former Soviet Union territories, CEE contemporary art is defined by strong historical and societal conflicts that have limited its appeal and influence. Long deprived of the spotlight, many leading CEE artists have been kept in the shadows of the global art scene. We see a significant opportunity for art lovers to discover this incredible and often overlooked chapter in art history.

 Our permanent collection – comprising key works by established, mid-career and emerging artists such as Dóra Maurer, Stano Filko and Djordje Ivackovic, – will be on display at Q Contemporary galleries as well as in museum and events around the world.

Through our participation in collaborative projects, the collection will grow alongside our expanding global presence, with new gallery spaces in major cities and a focus on art consultancy services as Q Contemporary evolves in years to come.

Gallery and Consultancy: 

Q Contemporary’s goal is to support the artists that we have connected with and promote their works. Through the collaborative gallery space at Q Contemporary in Budapest, along with pop-ups and showrooms in London and Asia, we work closely with the artists in a collaborative vision to build bridges across the art world. 

Income that has been generated through our gallery space will circulate back into the project’s core activities, which will provide solid support for the artists while promoting their works to a global audience. Our experienced curatorial team can also provide in-depth guidance to help art lovers expand their collections.



Q Contemporary

110 Andrassy Avenue, Budapest. 1062 Hungary





Our location

Q Contemporary is located along Andrassy Avenue, right next to the Liget Budapest Project ( the museum project)

  • 7 mins walking distance to the entrance of City Park and the Liget Budapest Project

  • The four new museums in City Park will form a new museum quarter in Budapest along with the Museum of Fine Arts and Hall of Art, all within walking distance from our building

  • Closest metro station is only 100 meters walking distance



  • Total floor area = 1,041 m2

  • Four floors

  • Lift access

  • Outdoor garden for installation work and sculptures

  • Security system, including CCTV throughout the building