Roman Mykhailov

b. 1989
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Born in 1989 in Chuguev in Ukraine. He graduated with a MA degree from the Painting Department of Kharkiv State Academy of Design & Art. With his art, Roman Mikhaylov tries to reflect on the social and political issues, like the Revolution in 2013-2014 in Ukraine. His works are intense like the themes he presents, like ‘Spirit of Freedom’ series (2014) where he used burning tires or the ‘Burn of the Reality’ series where he burned the paper layers. For him the meaning and message of the artwork is more important than the medium that is why he uses common materials like wood, tire and paper. Beside the installations he makes photo and video projects, drawings and paintings.

He has shown his solo projects in Ukraine (Lavra Gallery, Kyiv-2017), Russia (GogolFest’15, Kiev-2015; Ukrainian House, Kiev-2015). His work has been also exhibited in numerous group shows in Budapest (Ludwig Museum-2018), London (Saatchi Gallery-2014), Kyiv (PinchukArt Centre-2018; National Museum Mistetskyi Arsenal-2015; American House-2015), Kharkiv (Yermilov Centre-2015) and Vienna (Künstlerhaus-2014). He has been a nominee for the Pinchuk Art Prize in 2015 and won the Best Installation prize at the exhibition of the Saatchi Gallery also in 2015. He lives and works in Kyiv.

The Burn of the Real, 2018

installation, paper, fire, 650 x 400 x 30 cm