Mircea Popescu

b. 1984
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“I find the human face to be a symbol of the cult for image. (...) Visually transposing this theory, I designed the anthropomorphic sign in its impersonality, beside its anatomic aspect. The face is a substitute for the entire body, and the portrait becomes a container, a linear structure, in which random visual fragments cling from the informational flow.”

Born in 1984 in Craiova, Romania, Mircea Popescu completed his Master’s degree in 2010 at the Art and Design Faculty of West University Timișoara, Romania, where he received a PhD in Visual Arts in 2014. Mircea defines his works as pop-constructivist: combining the visual language of constructivism with the funny, ironic and colourful world of pop culture. In his works and installations, mainly using painted wood panels, he merges the colourfulness of pop culture and the architectonic shapes of structuralism to reflect on daily experiences.

Popescu is interested in language, words, word riddles, calligraphy and typography; his works tell a multitude of stories linked to his own life and daily experiences while also being a minimalist reflection upon the world. On first sight, these images may mislead us, but on a closer examination, viewers perceive that they speak about travel through time and space, about solitude, about the cloud that saves our daily recordings; or the inner walls, stairs and doors we face every day. His works have been exhibited in numerous shows in Romania and abroad, and he took part in an artist-in-residency programme in Salzburg in 2017. He lives and works in Timisoara.

WIP nr 1 (World in Progress), 2018

acrylic, linocut on wood panel, 131 x 51 x 55 cm