Genti Korini

b. 1979
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“The language of modernist abstraction is at the core of my artistic practice, which is often used in order to comment on the ideological contexts from which the forms I explore and manipulate are extracted”

Born in 1979 in Tirana (Albania), Genti Korini studied painting at the Cluj-Napoca University of Art and Design in Romania. In 2002, he received his Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Arts in Tirana. Genti has created his own place in the Albanian art scene through the use of non-figurative forms in a traditional way. His paintings represent an abstraction of the architecture, shapes, and colour of Tirana, using elements and structures from modernism and geometric abstraction to reflect on specific social and cultural contexts.

His works address Baudrillard’s concept of the simulacrum—the desire to live in a state removed from reality—but they also serve as monuments to the collision of two major occurrences that changed the course of history: the end of communism and the advent of the internet. Korini’s work has been exhibited in numerous group and solo shows around Europe, and he has attended art-in-residency programmes at Andtraitx in Mallorca (2017), in New York (2015), and Berlin (2013). He lives and works in Tirana.

Structure Nr 2, 2017

oil on canvas, 160 x 120 cm

Korini’s canvasses are bold geometric explorations of shape, line and colour. Evoking turn-of-the-century art movements such as Constructivism, Modernism and Suprematism, Genti’s works may remind the viewer of imagined Eastern bloc architecture; these are monolithic structures comprised of impossible shapes and geometric forms that mirror early 20th century utopian ideals.