Alin Bozbiciu

b. 1989
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"To get a final idea, I feel that I have to have a kind of discourse to show something that I really want to say…"

Alin Bozbiciu was born in 1989, and lives and works in Cluj-Napoca (Romania). He graduated from the University of Art and Design of Cluj, where he studied under Prof. Corneliu Brudașcu. He represents the figurative painting of the School of Cluj, and his style is characterised by a soft, wide brushstroke and an abundant use of paint. His palette focuses on the spectrum of earth tones and grisaille hues with very rare color outbursts.

The artist is passionate about subjects of his own private surrounding and the representation of familiar or even related individuals. Animals, especially dogs, star in many of his paintings. The subjects are set in private, intimate poses usually alone and seemingly unobserved. Often their gaze is turned to the floor, their bodies crouched or bent which conveys a feeling of the portrayed people being abandoned or immersed in private thoughts. Bozbiciu is dedicated to his subjects in constant repetition, serial work is a main method of his oeuvre. It allows him to study his subjects in different formats and variations, eliminating the clichés of content and representation.

Untitled Identities, 2018

oil on canvas, 250 x 198 cm

Alin Bozbiciu is one of the most successful emerging artists from the last wave of the Cluj School of Painting. His works articulate a personal mythology in which reality and imagination merge into magical visual painterly installations. In his elaborate compositions, the artist draws upon references from art history, mythological tropes and theatrical imaginary. His big brush strokes are a tool to convey emotions and sensuality not enunciate content.