Márton Nemes

b. 1986
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“It’s not about producing for commercial purposes: I just want to be good, and I don’t want to be afraid. The rest happens by itself.”

Born in 1986 in Székesfehérvár (Hungary), Márton Nemes studied at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, later completing his Master of Fine Arts degree at the Chelsea College of Arts, London, in 2018. Márton Nemes was the Artist-in-Residence at the Westport Arts Center in 2015, in Salzburg (Austria) in 2014, and in 2019 with the Buffalo Arts Studio through the BuBu Artist Residency Program (between Buffalo, NY and Budapest, Hungary).

Based in London, Márton Nemes is a multimedia artist who creates paintings, sculptures, installations and sounds. His works are rooted in techno culture and represent breaking away and escape. In order to go beyond the constraints of two dimensions and create an exit from the ordinary, he uses colourful, techno-inspired surfaces, lights and music. In his New Tomorrow series, for example, backgrounds are built up using layers of spray paint, echoing graffiti artists’ use of aerosols to create their art.

High all the time 01, 2018

laser-cut glass perspex, acrylic, canvas, wood, 196 x 136 cm

The artworks of Márton Nemes are not created only by the traditional instruments of a painter, but foil, wooden chips, and some tools rarely used in painting are also integrated into his creative process. As a result, his pieces are not just traditional paintings hanging on the walls, but they extend into space, blending in with the complementary installation elements around them.